A truly reliable & friendly antidetect browser.

Make money from affiliate marketing, SEO, betting, crypto, bonus-hunting, e-commerce, etc.


Create unlimited folders for profiles, move profiles between them, customize extensions/bookmarks/start pages for each folder separately

Sho Team

Flexible teamwork system

Set the required access rights for each user in the team.

Available permissions in the team

Perfect core

Google, Facebook, YouTube and other sites trust you more than regular Chrome.

Perfect core

Real browser fingerprints

No 100% uniqueness,
everything is honest.


Secure cloud storage

Encrypt your data asif it were our own.

Cloud secure

Available plans

Choose a plan that rights to you


$ 29 / month

$ 29

  • Main functionality
  • Creating teams
  • No team users
  • 50 profiles

Most popular


$ 79 / month

$ 79

  • Main functionality
  • Creating teams
  • 2 team users
  • 150 profiles
  • $9 per individual user


$ 189 / month

$ 189

  • Main functionality
  • Creating teams
  • 4 team users
  • 500 profiles
  • $15 per individual user


$ 389 / month

$ 389

  • Main functionality
  • Creating teams
  • 5 team users
  • $15 per individual user

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SHO Team


Vision is a great product suitable for both beginners and professionals. We have been working with the team for more than 8 months, and there are no complaints. The guys update more often than Chrome updates. The speed and convenience are top-notch. They listen to users and constantly add new features to the product. Premium product - reasonable price.


Overall, I have tested your product. Compared to top bestsellers, I can say that Vision works more smoothly and quickly, noticeably "lighter".

Vision loads my sites better, Google registration, although I don't need it, is a good indicator. Of all the existing browsers, I find the interface one of the most successful. A big plus is the separation of profiles by folders. The SMART button is a very necessary feature, most beginners do not understand that 100% uniqueness is a failure. The main goal is to blend in with the crowd.

In general, all convenient features primarily save time and make work comfortable and orderly.



I first used Vision a few months ago, and within the first hour of working with this browser, I completely removed other antidetect browsers from my computer. The only browser that focuses on the convenience and quality of work for the end user and their company - additional functions work without fail and are intuitive, and the solution with folders for grouping profiles greatly increases the comfort of use.

I also want to note an important point - when working with profiles in Vision, I do not worry about my data and the safety of the company - the browser works stably and without errors. I choose Vision for myself, my team, and recommend it to my friends as the best solution on the market.



Hello to all readers of this comment. Before this wonderful project was released, I used competitor projects and was constantly dissatisfied and wanted more. But then Vision entered beta testing, and oh my god, something new. We started getting to know it. During the beta, we were constantly in touch with the Vision team, and all our problems were solved instantly. Want a new Chromium? Here you go! Want an improved human type? Here you go! Something not working correctly? Here's an update! The speed and performance are like switching from an iPhone 8 to a 15 Pro Max and not being able to keep up because you were used to the old and buggy one! If you are still hesitating about choosing, I recommend taking the risk and starting to use Vision!

Jeronimo Scarzesse


We moved from another antie to Vision

What problems have been solved:

  • Dependence on volume has decreased when working with Google (the more accounts passed through the basin - the worse, here the ratio is better)
  • Normally determines the GEO point on mobile proxies, no longer need to set it manually to avoid detecting the server point.
  • Interface - tastes differ. This one does not irritate so far, that's good.
  • We believed in the product, immediately took a six-month subscription for all the money in the world - 30%
  • You can talk to the admins, voice your wishes and find out firsthand what to expect for a long time (competitors often do not give feedback at all), what takes a day and what a year - no insights.

To summarize: an excellent product at the moment. To be fair - all products are great at first until Google gets to know them well. However, I hope the developers have really found their "different" way and the product will continue to remain not only functional but also pattern-free.

Artem Nikitin


In my opinion, the best antie on the market that beats competitors in all criteria:

  • Most convenient
  • Most functional (folders, transferring profiles from one folder to another, very convenient cookie robot, mega convenient feature with restoring profiles that you deleted)
  • Cheapest (29 dollars for 50 profiles - peanuts)
    The only downside is the renewal payment

Conclusion: antie is OP in all parameters, and I wasn't even paid for this review, unfortunately

Traffic Mafia

Our team has been actively using Vision since beta, and we cannot get enough of its functionality and reliability. This antidetect has significantly improved our work, very easily integrated into it. I would like to note its speed and optimization, which other anties can only envy. And, my favorite - live support, which has something to answer any question and problem. In our opinion - the best product on the market, which we do not want to change for anything else)



Among the advantages I want to note: it loads the device less than other anties, a large selection of screen resolutions, convenient arrangement of profile/proxy/status lists, etc. If there are many projects in the team, you can conveniently distribute them by folders. Separate like for the dark theme 😀

Regarding the shortcomings, this is rather a personal habit and convenience for me - choosing a video card, you need to look for it in the list with your eyes, there is no search field, but my wish was taken into account and will be fixed soon🫶🏻

And it would be a sin not to note the speed of fixing problems and responses from support in TG👌 I will continue to use it 🙌



Your antidetect browser is made very well, and that's the main thing. Personally, I use it to abuse various projects in crypto (usually related to exchanges). If I compare you with Dolphin, which gets caught on the same Binance, it's like night and day. I also want to note the excellent design of the antie itself, everything is intuitive even for a beginner, and for an experienced abuser, it's pleasant to work with (I especially liked the idea with folders). I also cannot fail to mention the excellent technical support, which is always ready to help, even helped me out. I believe that "Vision" has everything necessary for comfortable and safe work in the cryptocurrency field. I see no problems because the functionality/design is top-notch, and the team consists of professionals who are always ready to help with any question (by the way, very quickly)



In general, everything is excellent, there are no problems with anonymization, the interface is very convenient, working with folders is convenient, the speed of work is much faster and more responsive than the same Dolphin and Indigo (you don't have to wait long for the antie to start and synchronize profiles). I did not find any critical bugs for myself.



What I like most is just amazing Everything works quickly and smoothly.

The main feature, of course, is ease of use - even a wooden person will understand ) Overall everything is just good amazing 👍


So far, everything is super, I really like it, especially compared to Ant, there is a huge difference. I'm not a very experienced user, but I've already managed to place several orders using promo codes, and everything went without problems!

As for the interface, again, I don't have much to compare it with, but personally, I find it very convenient and aesthetically pleasing to use the program.


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